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GMT Watches 101

If you travel frequently for work or leisure, you know the complications of tracking time across more than one timezone. Fortunately, GMT watches make this process much easier. Rather than looking up the time in a different location, you have the ability to know the time of any location in the world — just by looking at your wrist! While many people use a GMT watch as a simple dress watch, its functionality makes it a great asset, especially if you move around a lot.

In any case, people still have a lot of questions about the history and purpose of GMT watches. For example, when was the first GMT watch invented? How does a GMT watch work? And how do you use a GMT watch? In this GMT Watches 101 Guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s at the basic mechanisms involved in a GMT watch.

1 month ago

All About Chronograph Watches

Did you know that the chronograph watch is over 200 years old? Louis Moinet, a French horologist and artist, invented the chronograph in 1816 to track celestial objects.

From there, chronographs were on-trend in the mid-to-late 1800s in field artillery. Today, current uses of the chronograph extend to such fields as auto racing, aircraft piloting, and submarine maneuvering and diving. It began as a simple pocket watch with astronomical purpose and remains a timeless piece of both fashion and innovation. While many purchase chronograph watches for their usefulness, others buy them simply because they are stylish.

3 months ago

Watch Size Guide

The wristwatch is an iconic fashion piece that can add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. There’s a perfect watch for every occasion, whether it’s for daily wear or for a formal occasion, and nothing makes a better accessory when chosen with care. This makes the aesthetics of your watch important, but there’s more that goes into just style and fashion when it comes to wearing watches. You also need to choose the right size watch for your wrist!
3 months ago

All About Watch Shapes

Have you ever given any thought to the watch case shapes? What does it mean if a watch is round or square? What does Tonneau mean? Which watch shape is currently in vogue? We’ll discuss that, and more.

Some people feel that a watch says a lot about a person. Not just the quality of the watch, but the color, the shape, and the size. You will want to choose a watch that feels right for you, and many people have rotating watches that they wear for different occasions or events and with different outfits. Luxury watches are not the same as sports watches, and you may be in need of a waterproof watch if you spend a lot of time underwater. Watchmakers are artists with a vision who imagine what a watch will look like on the wearer, and what features will be the most useful. But some watch shapes are just revolutionary. You will want to know the ‘why’ of the timepiece you have on your wrist.

3 months ago

Watch Movements Guide

Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or buying your first luxury watch, there’s lots to learn about what goes on behind the watch face, more specifically- what goes into the making of a watch. Watches are worn with pride. They can be fashion pieces, statement pieces, jewelry or accessories to match any outfit. But whatever watch you swap out, there are a lot of intricate details that work together to become the flashy piece on your wrist.
4 months ago
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